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Business Models

Sayeoni has a variety of business models that provide optimal flexibility to structure business relationships with clients that result in win-win situations.
The company has successfully executed projects in each of the models identified and is also open to combining models or discussing innovative alternative models that clients have developed from experience.
The Offshore Development Center
An Offshore Development Center (ODC) is essentially a dedicated intermix of specialized programming and engineering resources. Sayeoni provides all of the technical resources required to complete mission critical projects for the clients.
Our Offshore Development Center uses a multi-dimensional approach, planned to support growth and technology advancement, ensures that the solutions we architect for our clients are built in a most productive and effective manner.
The SAYEONI Offshore Development Center, with its pool of well designed infrastructure, highly trained resources, proven and time tested processes is a doubly beneficial outsourcing delivery model with a powerful value proposition for businesses looking at IT Outsourcing.
Fixed Price
The model can work well for projects that have a clearly defined scope of work. The client pays a pre-negotiated fixed amount and the Sayeoni team delivers a quality product within a specific time frame.
   An example of a typical workflow for a fixed price turnkey project is: 
»  The client provides a specification of requirements.
»  Sayeoni interacts with the client to clarify the specification of requirements.
»  Sayeoni quotes a fixed price for the project.
» Sayeoni develops a detailed project plan when the proposal is accepted.
» Sayeoni manages the complete development process and the customer is provided with complete transparency to the project based on their requirements
» Acceptance phase is carried out at the customer site assisted by Sayeoni until the project is approved by the client.
Time & Material
Often, the scope, specification and implementation plans of a technology project are not easy to explicitly define at the outset. In this scenario the time and materials model can often provide the best solution for the client. After the project has been fully defined, Sayeoni can convert the project to the fixed cost model if the client prefers.
On-site Professional Services
This model provides clients with the flexibility to scale resources as the project workload expands and contracts. Highly qualified Sayeoni technical consultants with domain expertise can be provided on-site and billed on a man-month basis.

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