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Multimedia DesignMultimedia Design

Multimedia communication comprises a combination of least two or all of audio, video, text, graphics and animation.
Today multimedia tools are used by more and more businesses to improve their business communication. Whether it’s a corporate presentation, a training tutorial or a product demonstration, multimedia helps get the message across more effectively to your users, and leaves a long lasting impact.
Sayeoni has a special team dedicated to creating compelling multimedia presentations for our clients. Our professionally qualified graphic designers, human factor specialists, and technology wizards pool in their efforts to devise not just a multimedia presentation but a unique communication experience that reinforces the brand and conveys the message in style and panache.
We offer following Print Media Design Services:
» Online Advertisements Design
» Animations & Presentations
» 3600 - VR Photography
Online Advertisements Design
A banner or flash ad is a great brand building and advertising tool available to online businesses today. A well-crafted ad campaign results client awareness, interest and demand for a product or service, by highlighting the core brand values and features though a series of independent banners.
These banners draw users across heterogeneous online locations to your product or service and induce them to enter into an actual transaction. Our web promotions team has already produced award winning work in this service category. We specialize in devising highly effective banner campaigns for our clients.
The success of internet ventures, especially new ideas and e-commerce sites, depends on the promotional strategy and marketing tools. Promotions are a critical factor. Even a highly sound product / service idea can sometimes take a beating as a result of a weak marketing strategy.
Effective promotions of online ventures is a strategic process involving proactive decisions regarding choosing between alternative media options online, budget allocation over a period of time, studying the competitors' strategy, entering into strategic tie-ups, devising innovative creative strategy, and finally managing the logistics issues.
We believe that without a sound strategy, even a biggest banner of 460 x 60 pixels cannot ensure the expected results. That is why we follow a structured approach towards creating banners and banner campaigns. This involves:
1. Identifying client needs
2. Identifying core brand values
3. Understanding the product/service offerings
4. Profiling targeted users
5. Evaluating Technological specifications
6. Devising the creative strategy
7. Choosing software to be used (traditional animated gifs, flash or transparent site capturing ads) and
8. Monitoring the campaign for CTR statistics and improvements
Animations & Presentations
Okay, so you're a whiz at developing really compelling presentations. But how many times have you felt that it fell short of your own high expectations? After most such events, when you take stock, there is that feeling that you could have added more panache and pizzazz to your presentation. Maybe make it slicker and sleeker the next time. Your felt your choice of fonts could have been more appropriate. And the clip-art files that incorporated detracted from your professionalism - made the entire effort - albeit comprehensive -- look amateurish. You might also have wanted to add audio or video files to make the presentation truly interactive. and more important, project a truly `in-with-it' techno-savvy image.
At SAYEONI, we specialize in providing high-quality and professional interactive corporate and product presentations. And that's not because we claim to know better, but the fact that we understand the business of design aesthetics and multimedia. We just use these skill sets in conjunction with your business vision to create corporate or product presentations that are truly global class.
Our experience with a host of blue-chip clients gives us the edge in terms of concept and execution - factors that could help you in deliver an exceptional presentation replete with graphics, animation, audio and video. We offer following Services:
» High-quality CD-ROM/DVD-based Corporate Presentations
» CD-ROM-/DVD-based Sales Presentations and Demos
» CD-ROM-/DVD-based Internal Presentations such as Company Rules and Regulations; HR Policies; Annual Reports
» Conversion of existing corporate presentations from MS-PowerPoint to CD-ROM for ready reference/archives
» Offline Multimedia Brochures, Product Catalogues and Newsletters
3600 - VR Photography
3600 - VR Photography is an enrichment of visual media technology, which has very vast applications in various fields. It is the most ideal way of giving the experience of any place/product to a person, who will feel all the elements and essence of it, through the "feel as if there" and "feel as if it is here" kind of effect, implicated by the Virtual Reality (VR) movies.
Though the major applications will be in the fields of Tourism Promotion and other Government machinery, Product Advertising Campaigns and Hospital / Industrial Equipment Display themes, the Virtual Reality has its effective role in many other fields and different walks of life like
» Site Touring ,Travel Destination Advertising
» Showcasing Real Estate / Resorts
» Advertising Automotives / Luxury Products
» Display of Hospitals / Medical Equipments
» Display of Industries / Equipments
Engagement Process
» Once we receive your project inquiry, we will provide you a quote.
» Upon receiving the go-ahead from you, we will assign a dedicated account manager, who will be your single point of contact point.
» We will begin sketching concepts
» We will provide artwork samples and gather feedback from you.
» After you finalize our work, we will provide our artwork in required formats.
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