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Services Overview

SAYEONI is a marketing and technology agency blending insight and creativity to solve business problems. We are a global provider of software development and related IT services. We build Organization Specific Platforms that are leveraged across the client organization, enabling our clients to increase business agility, rationalize redundancies, and achieve economies of scale. Our high quality, low cost approach to delivering IT solutions makes us the preferred technology partner to over 50 companies worldwide.
We offer following services:
   Interactive Media Design    Web & Mobile Solutions    Technology Services
»  Logo Design
»   Print Media Design
»  Multimedia Design
»  Web Design
»  Content Writing
»  Web Application Development
»  Mobile Application Development
»  Cloud computing & Web Hosting
»  Web/Online Marketing
»  Web Integration Services
»  Software Development
»  Independent Testing & Validation
»  IT Consulting
»  IT Staffing
»  IT Training


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