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Web Application Development

We can help you develop and support your Web applications – both internal and customer-facing. We combine technical expertise and knowledge with business insight to help you develop Web applications that support customers, employees, suppliers, and other affiliated companies.
Today most enterprises applications have a Web component. But developing robust and secure Web applications requires competencies across a number of critical domains: software development, security, networking, and project management, among others. It’s difficult finding and retaining workers who possess those skills. That’s where Sayeoni can help.
Nowadays everything and we mean everything is online. Shopping and commerce and trading are just a few things you can do on the web. Creating a storefront is just the first step of getting your company ‘connected’. However, the site and your customer needs are more important than just showcasing your company online. The portal is for your customers after all.
Sayeoni specializes in designing portals and E-commerce sites keeping your customer in mind. We make online shopping a complete experience right from when your customer places an order. We help you build a relationship with your customers.
We offer following Web Application Development Services:
» Portal Solutions
» Shopping cart & E-Commerce
» Content Management Systems
» Intranet/Extranet Applications
» Social Networking Applications

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