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Web Integration Services

Sayeoni has years of experience in creating and implementing APIs for multiple platforms. Our services include API Interface design, development and integration. Our skilled Teams excel in eBay Store API Integration, Amazon API Integration, Yahoo Store API Integration, MSN API Integration, Google API Integration and API Development. We are an early adopter of Google APIs and we offer experienced consultation and integration of the Google Maps, Google Checkout API into your existing or future websites.
We at Sayeoni excel in integration of different APIs and web feeds in PHP to enable content usage from Google, Paypal, Amazon and Fedex. We spend time understanding each small requirement of yours to recommend you our e-com application which has been streamlined and perfected over the years to provide your customers with the comfort you want for them. We create Analytics Dashboards which allow your management team in Business intelligence and data mining by centralizing data from multiple sources.
We offer following Services:
» SSL Integration
» Google Apps Setup
» Payment Gateway Integration
   Google Checkout
Google Apps Marketplace
Google Apps Marketplace is The next promising big thing for business solutions in cloud. With search volumes on the rise and expected increase in the customer base of Google Apps Marketplace, it becomes a coveted spot to advertise, sell or rent your services for a price or for free.
Google Apps marketplace is rightly positioned to give your business a new set of customers. Needless to say, the business lead conversions you will generate fro m the marketplace would be of higher quality and more conversion prone. At this stage, having an application which is made Google Apps marketplace ready would give your business the boost you were looking for.
We have expertise in implementing following Google APIs:
» Google Maps API: Integrate Google's interactive maps with content on your site.
» Google Chart API: Dynamically embed charts in your webpage.
» Google Checkout API: Start e-com transactions on your website.
» Google Search API: Incorporate the power of Google Search into your applications or website.
» Google Webmaster Tools API: View and update site information and Sitemaps in the form of feeds.
» Google Analytics API: Create client apps which use Analytics data from Google DataAPI Feeds.
» Google AdWords API: Automate and streamline your online Google campaign management.
» YouTube API: - Integrate YouTube videos into your website or application.

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