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Web/Online Marketing

We offer complete Web/Online marketing services, so you can find everything you need under one roof.  
And we’re so confident in our excellence that we do it all out in the open. We want you to feel comfortable with what we’re doing and empowered to make the right decisions for your business. Instead of withholding information and pretending that web/online marketing is black magic, we’ll share as many details as you want. You’ll experience full transparency with your accounts, your results, and the work being completed by the team.
We offer
» Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
» Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
» Pay Per Click(PPC)
» Social Media Marketing
» Email Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Are you sure that your SEO strategy is targeting the right keywords? Did your agency promise you #1 ranking, and then deliver keywords that don’t drive revenue?
We know what it takes to bring organic search traffic your way. Not just any old traffic, but qualified searchers who are ready to buy your products or services. We also have the experience and the knowledge to get you to the top for the keywords that will drive revenue, not just visibility. We target the internet's major search properties which attract qualified prospects to your site. The campaign begins with the selection of your keywords, as they are the foundation of your search engine optimization campaign.
Research shows that over 80% of prospective web browsers use search engines to find relevant content. Online searches are the most widely used methods of attracting visitors to a website. As a result, competition is strong among the top search engines. Relevance requirements are active and evolve rapidly creating new arrangement challenges weekly. It is critical that your website is optimized to appeal to search engines and is properly maintained to ensure that as the search criteria changes, you maintain high rankings within the results pages of the search engines.
Our search engine optimization services are designed to get your site noticed when potential users are looking for information, products and services you have to offer. Every client is unique and we believe that a successful search engine optimization campaign should be customized towards each client's individual needs.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
The art and science of search are constantly evolving. Because we’re so focused on search marketing, we can stay on top of the latest search engine products, features, techniques, and algorithm changes to ensure your success. 
Search marketing is an integral part of any marketing strategy. We help clients achieve search success by providing tools and expertise. We place online ads on top search engines to get more qualified leads coming your way. We make it easy to establish and maintain your ads on Google™, Yahoo!®, Bing™ and MSN™.
Pay per Click (PPC)
Are you sure you’re spending your money on the right keywords? Are you satisfied with the ROI you’re receiving? Do you know what your ROI is… really?   
We have qualified resources that spent a lot of time to get a clearer understanding of their PPC results and to improve their ROI. We use sophisticated keyword strategies, expertly crafted and tested ad copy, and pragmatic best practices for landing pages and conversion funnels, to help you build qualified traffic and increase your conversion rates.
Your company needs all its resources to develop new products or services, to understand customers, and to keep the competition at bay. There’s no reason you have to become an expert at PPC as well. Take advantage of the insights the Sayeoni team members have acquired over serving our clients.
Social Media Marketing
Let Sayeoni help create your company or brand a social presence online! Leverage the power of the most popular social networking sites to help spread your brand across the internet. By utilizing MySpace, Facebook, Ning, Twitter, and others you can help build a strong community around your brand, events, company, or services!
Sayeoni can help create and manage your event, company, message, or personal data through the social graph. Own your space on the internet and dominate the market. Build a community of followers and enthusiasts that want to help you succeed!
Email Marketing
Email Marketing has become a critical element of the marketing mix of corporate to communicate with consumers and drive sales. In fact effective email marketing requires an in-depth understanding of diverse consumer interests, respecting personal information and managing contact frequency. Our clients who have established successful ongoing consumer relationships through email are reaping the rewards of customer loyalty and healthy sales growth.

We handle every aspect of your email marketing, from the actual email creative and text copy to the list management and final email delivery. We at Sayeoni understand the effectiveness of a good online campaign and do an in-depth study of your target audience. We then build a campaign that’s highly effective and produces results.

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